• Bunker Surveys

    Our BQS  team provides our clients with peace of mind. Inefficient Surveying will cause tons of bunker to be lost and put a drain on companies assets.  We keep your bunker losses to a minimum!

  • Condition Surveys

    Condition Surveys, Accident Investigations, Pre-purchase and Sale, Valuation Appraisals and Cargo Surveys among others.  We provide detailed reports with urgency to all of our clients.

  • Cargo and Container Surveys

    Businesses are shipping millions of tons of Cargo worldwide in containers.  In the case of any damage or incident, in order to protect the value of the assets within the container it is necessary to perform in depth inspections of the containers which carry these goods.

  • H&M and P&I Surveys

    We  understand the issue of urgency when it comes to vessel insurance.  Underwriters and vessel owners look to us for the quick turnaround and detailed documentation we provide