What are H&M and P&I Surveys? Why do vessels need H&M and P&I?

Hull & Machinery (H&M) insurance covers damage to the vessels structure, machinery and equipment while P&I insurance covers for shipowners liability to others.

Insurance, in general, covers damage as a result of an unforeseen and unexpected event.

Hull & Machinery and P&I therefore compliment each other in the event of collision liability and damage to fixed or floating objects.

On behalf of a P & I Clubs and Underwriters for Hull & Machinery (H&M), ICSurveys carryies out a pre-entry condition survey to the vessel. and it was found the vessel’s cargo holds shell plating had been in heavy corrosion. By an own-operated thickness test, the shell plating diminution was found to be beyond limit, so the vessel’s official thickness test report was suspected as fake. We fully reported the condition to the Club and the vessel was rejected. According to the survival crew, the vessel sustained an ingression in her cargo holds.

For P&I, ICSurveys performs the following:

  • When ships over 10 yrs old are entered in the club, this can be either a pre-entry or a post entry condition survey.
  • If after a visit by a club inspector, the inspector feels that the ship does not conform to the Clubs standards.
  • Following a claim which could possibly have occurred due to a lapse in on board maintenance/management.
  • If information is received from a third party e.g. PSC that the ship is below Club standard.
  • If the ship changes classification societies, usually from an IACS to a non IACS society.
  • If after a lengthy period of lay up (6 months or more) a ship is re-activated.

For Hull & Machinery (H&M) our services include:

  • Establishing the  cause and extent of damage
  • Condition surveys to inspect damage
  • Valuation of the original structure to perform a repair estimate
  • Consultation in repair possibilities
  • Review of repair costs
  • Preparation of final report on cause and extent of damage

We make sure to have all necessary reports to our clients as quickly as possible as we understand the urgency of these issues when it comes to insurance claims.