What are Condition Surveys?

Vessel Condition Surveys are an assessment of physical conditions of a vessel. The survey should identify deficiencies and any issues related but not limited to the structure of the vessel, age, seaworthiness,  electrical,  and life safety systems.

Condition surveys facilitate an informed decision making process (for example in the case of a purchase or sale).

Condition Surveys should result in a clear understanding of the current complete condition of the vessel by the client.

 Our Condition Survey Activities include in all (but not limited to)
  • New Ship Building Supervision – inspection
  • Hull & Machinery damages inspection/Survey
  • Supervision, Survey of repairs
  • Investigation & Analysis of causes & circumstances of incidents & accidents
  • Paint & Coatings, Corrosion inspection, Survey
  • Pre-Purchase Vessel Condition Survey/Inspection
  • On-hire, Off-hire & condition Survey/Inspection
  • Damage & loss prevention inspection/survey to goods
  • Mechanical equipment structures inspection
  • Survey/Inspection & report of collision
  • Distribution on general & average damage
  • Loss extent/ Survey/Inspection of damage covered by P&I insurance.
  • Marine Survey/inspection
  • Off-shore Survey/inspection
  • Valuation & Appraisal to Real Estate & Machineries, lines, equipment, vessel, enterprise, project
  • P&I, H&M condition surveys
  • Estimate of damages, Estimate of repairs
  • Ship valuation for bank finance purposes
  • Pre-purchase condition surveys and Class record evaluations