Cargo Surveys

What are cargo and container surveys and why are they needed?  

Businesses are shipping millions of tons of Cargo worldwide in containers.  In the case of any damage or incident, in order to protect the value of the assets within the container it is necessary to perform in depth inspections of the containers which carry these goods.  The resulting report will be used by the clients to file claims for their losses.

Furthermore,  in the case of perishable goods, dry bulk and such it is cargo surveys can be used to record the condition of goods before and during shipment, all the way to delivery to final destination.

Cargo surveys include but are not limited to:

  • Cargo pre shipment condition surveys
  • Cargo import condition surveys
  • Bulk liquid import/export quality & quantity surveys
  • Draft surveys cargo quantity
  • Reefer vessel pre loading cleanliness inspection
  • Reefer superintendence
  • Forest products ship loading consultants
  • Container cargo loading/unloading attendance
  • Container damage quote verification
  • On/Off Hire condition surveys