What are Bunker Surveys?   Why Do vessels require Bunker Surveys?

In order to ensure that the buyer and seller of bunker fuel are both protected from any type of fraudulence at the moment of recieving or providing bunker fuel it is necessary to perform Bunker Surveys.  This ensures that the quality and quantity of the fuel bought is correct and also protects the seller against any claims if what they

Bunker Surveys certify the quantities of oil products onboard vessels/ships and/or barges before and after the bunkering according procedures of API MPMS chapter 17.1, a sounding of all Bunker Fuel tanks including Heavy Fuel and Marine Diesel Oil is performed.

The amount of fuel on board at the time of the survey is then adjusted for consumption and/or fuel oil received to determine the fuel on board at the time of on or off-hire.

Bunker Surveys are carried out for DELIVERY and RE-DELIVERY of vessel / ship purposes and also for Loss Control in supervision of loading/discharging of petroleum products by tankers or barges.