New Training Program for Class Surveyors

We are proud to announce that ICS Class, a Recognized Organization (RO) duly authorized to perform statutory work on behalf of different flag States has developed a new and practical Training Platform for Class Surveyors worldwide.

Our technical teams at ICSCLASS and Training have developed 15 IMO module courses in order to allow all of our in-house exclusive surveyors to be up to date and in compliance with IMO regulations standards.

This Training Platform was created with the goal to combine easy to use learning technology for the continued professional development of Class Surveyors while also helping them comply with all the mandatory requirements of international and national regulations.

This platform is also available for any worldwide surveyor who wishes to be in full compliance with the IMO with the capability to issue al statutory certificates as it complies with the requirements established by the Code for Recognized Organizations (RO Code) adopted by the IMO Resolutions MSC.349(92) and MEPC.237(65).

ICS Class is a proud member of InterMaritime

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